1. Who are we?

     We are a fancy yarn firm that manufactures mask elastics. We operate in Bursa in a  4500 meter square domain, we have 80 workers in our factory and 20 in our office.

2. What kind of quality guarante can we offer?

    Always pre-manufacturing and sample delivery;

    Always quality control before shipment;


3. What can you supply from us?

    Our factory manufactures mask elastics but we also have a strong supply chain for mask wire, mask apparatus, spunbond fabric, apron, and medical equipment.


4. Why should you supply from us and not other manufacturers?

     IPLIKCI FANTAZI IPLIK SAN. VE TIC. LTD. STI. is focused on mask elastics and medical equipment. With our experience of 30 years in fancy yarn industry our elastics' quality is much better than other manufacturers. With hard work in the medical sector since january 2020, the top level supply chain and professional international transport experience we have been the first choice of customers abroad.