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As a recognized industry leader, we are used to working with customers of all sizes, local or global, small and large. Exceptional quality not only forms the basis of our company, but also guides all of our decisions, from what materials to buy and how to provide the best service to our customers. As we serve in a competitive field, as you can see in our company profile we constantly invest in technology and research activities that will keep us above average. Our commitment to quality is the guarantee of our success as well as your satisfaction.

The firm "IPLIKCI" has been established in 2018 at Bursa/Turkey. It continues its operation at Kestel Organized Industry Zone in a 6000 meter square space. Until 2020 february, we manufactured fancy yarn with out shareholder's 30 years of experience in the sector. Ever since the pandemic started, we have been manufacturing mask elastics for the biggest firms in the world and have been playing an active role in the struggle against covid-19.

As we have been reflecting our experience and quality in fancy yarn to mask elastics, we started exporting all over the world in a very short time. With a capacity of 4 tons of mask elastics production per day, we satisfy our customers request as quickly as possible.


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Our Vision

Becoming a firm that is a pioneer in the textile fancy yarn sector, a firm that is always followed and desired to be reached, a firm that is always the first choice, a firm that makes its customers feel they are priveleged with the service they are given, a firm that doing business with is thought as a privelege.

Our Mission

Being a world class firm that uses its recources as efficiently as possible, adapts to developing world conditions, moves with the concept of total quality, provides its customers with services and products beyond expectations, maintains good relations with its suppliers, is capable of competing in all kinds of enviroments, makes sure its workers are able to be proud and happy, offers its workers an enviroment where they can look forward to their futures, is sensitive about society and enviroment, keeps the prestige of being a highly qualified textile supplier.

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