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We offer an innovation!

We put 15kg of elastic earloops in a box.
When you start using a new box in your machine, you will not need to change elastic bands for approximately 55 thousand masks. So your machine does not stop production for almost a day. You save both time and labor.
Moreover, thanks to regular filling, your machine will never stop during the production of 55 thousand masks!

güvenlik maskesi


We pack 15kg elastic band per box!

We are able to produce on big boxes, tall boxes or bobbins.


From 2mm to 7mm we satisfy your requests with our collection of different merchandise.


We produce elastics that are any color you wish for!


With elongation values up to %400 we have tens of different types of elastics that are special for your needs.


Both round elastics for surgery masks and flat elastics for FFP2 and N95 masks are available!

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